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Close collaboration with the skilled accredited customs declarants allows our enterprise to render customs clearance services.

Within the shortest possible time we organize the customs clearance of Your cargoes, following in export-import or/and transit directions through the check points Izmail, Reni, Vilkovо and others of Odessa customs, and also we will render services in accreditation of Your enterprise in Odessa Customs of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

The list of our customs clearance services includes:

  • direct registration of cargo customs declarations in all custom modes (export, import, transit, temporal import and etc.);
  • provision of consultations concerning customs clearance in the sphere of foreign economic activity;
  • accreditation of enterprises and businessmen in the custom bodies of Ukraine (includes preparation of necessary documents and registration of accreditation card);
  • preparation and agreement of set of documents for customs clearance;
  • determination of codes of goods in accordance with Ukrainian Classifier of Commodities for Foreign Economic Activity;
  • calculation of customs payments;
  • registration of permissive documents and certificates (certificates of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, certificate of conformance, certificates of origin, ecological certificates, phytosanitary certificates and etc.);
  • control of implementation of customs procedures;
  • completion of transport documents.

You can send inquiry about customs clearance of Your cargo to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..